kalkulator opon

Kalkulator opon- rozmiary metryczne i calowe- przelicznik TABELA

New tires in the price of used?

Yes – see our offer.


– car tires

– quad tires and much more

– all tires are new – NOT retreaded!

Tire Calculator – a rich graphic version (result> TABLE)

In this graphic rims calculator where ‘new ET’ rims are no longer a problem!

The graphic representation helps to illustrate if, for example, a larger rim and other tire fit into the wheel arch without having to intervene in suspension or after such changes (eg changing the suspension height).

Enter the size of the tire used in the car and the new tire. As a result you will get a table with many tire parameters.

If you are the owner of eg Ford, you can enter the dimensions of the tires, choosing the year and model from the selection of tires  in this way, without remembering you will know the size of the tire of your car.

Our tire calculator is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to see what type of change the tire will change or change the diameter of the rim and whether it will be a problem. In addition, you can see what the speedometer will show because of new rims and tires. So lets see what the actual cruising speed of a vehicle is on new wheels and tires.

  • You can easily convert metric dimensions into inches and vice versa
    (by switching ISO Metric to LT High Flotation)


  • Remember that changes in, for example, the width of the tires do not always increase our safety!
  • Changing the size of the tires is also to the lifetime of our suspension!
  • It is also necessary to take into account the law that is in force when it comes to, for example, the projection of the tire out of the wheel arch.
  • All changes should be considered and the driver is responsible for the safety of both himself and passengers!

* If you do not see the calculator – wait a minute.

We suggest using in a computer browser.




You can find cheap tires for many vehicles.

Mainly to:

  • passenger cars,
  • field,
  • vans,
  • quads,
  • go-karts,
  • scooters and industrial tires.

All tires come from a verified importer and are new covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Always cheap tires make them available to everyone.
  • For you this safe and quick shopping ensures full satisfaction.

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